Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The New Sony Thriller THE TOURIST Reignites our Love of Venice

Venice continues to hold me in it's grasp!

And with the soon to be released thriller THE TOURIST,
partly filmed in Venice, I thought that I would profile the classic Venetian Motor Launch.   It seems to figure prominently in scenes featured in the official movie trailer symbolizing as always, Luxury, Glamor and Risk.  THE TOURIST opens in theatres on December 10, 2010.
Lunch at The Danieli perhaps?   Grand Canal    Venice
Who is Aboard one might ask       Grand Canal      Venice
Destination: The Lido, Home of the VENICE FILM FESTIVAL  Venice     

Friday, November 26, 2010

La Vita Antonia's Venetian Nocturne

Venice's   Grand Canal    by Night

Surely VENICE belies the much held belief that Paris is the City Of Light.  These Photographs Warm me on this November night with a Incandescence of Possibility.  Even the lowly Vaporetto stop Glows and is thus imbued with a Sense of Mystery.  

ANYTHING is POSSIBLE  it breathes.   

Let VENICE take you into it's Ancient Arms Tonight.  

LA VITA ANTONIA'S   Venetian Nocturne Plays for YOU.

Venice Grand Canal at night and Vaporetto stop

Dreams of the Silk Trade        Venice Grand Canal


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Piazza San Marco Venice, See and be Seen

Bella Figura Piazza San Marco Venice
An Appreciative Audience   Piazza San Marco,  Living  Room of  Venice


Grandeur shared by old and young, Venetian and Tourist.  
To pose, to watch, to imbibe, to wander.   
They come
and they are never disappointed.   

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Toast to Venice: Gondolas Toward the Lagoon, La Vita Antonia Photos in Black and White

Alight with La Vita Antonia       Venetian Lagoon bound
The Gondola is the  undisputed iconic symbol of Venice.    Timelessly  Romantic, it's sleek Elegance and  Rich adornment pamper our sensibilities and gently convey us to a more Graceful time. 

La Vita Antonia toward the Lagoon  Venice Gondolas
La Vita Antonia suggests possibility of Romance and Glamor assured           Venice Gondolas
A Lush, Sumptuous, Romantic adventure, La Vita Antonia comes to rest.  Venice Gondolas

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lush Life, La Vita Antonia experiences Magic Hour Spun Gold, Photographs: Destination Venice

Destination    Piazza San Marco           Venice
From  one  Gracious  Palazzo  to  another              Venice
Sienna  and  molten  Gold               Venice
Magic  Hour  is  fleeting         Venice
A  Flame  ignites  over  the  Venetian  Lagoon              Venice

La Vita Antonia celebrates Magic Hour, that illusive cusp of the day.    

Revel in a Celebration of Ruby, Topaz, Sienna and Gold 

 LushRichWarm and  Sumptuous

Its  Finale Blazes  over the Venetian Lagoon and is gone.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

La Vita Antonia Continues our VENETIAN RIO Portrait in Light and Shade

Cerulean Boat  is privy to the secrets of this  VENICE  RIO
VENETIAN  RIO Respite in Cerulean and Yellow
Anticipation and Meditation in equal parts    VENICE  RIO

VENETIAN RIOS once again explored and captured,  light and shade juxtaposed with  saturated tones.  
 DESTINATION: Gothic Portals, secret and silent entry ways to Venice's Palazzos.
 The whiff of  intrigue lurks here.  The swoosh of a CARNEVALE cloak, thick jet Velvet and  just a glint of a Mask disappearing and then gone. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Venetian Odyssey in Colour Venice Rios: A View from the Bridge

Venetian Rio         polished chestnut and green tourmaline
Rippling Venetian Rio
Venetian Rio Reflection

The lazy Venetian Rios surprise around every corner.   A Malachite ribbon,  verdant green and azure mixed.   Impossibly narrow and infinitely beguiling.    This Venice is quixotic and so human.  Laundry hangs defiantly over the centuries old Rio.  
We live here it says.  
We will endure.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

La Vita Antonia Awakes in Venice

Travel with La Vita Antonia down the Grand Canal this misty morningYou are privy to it's early gifts as you venture out before Venice awakes.
Venice Grand Canal invites

VENICE'S GRAND CANAL beckons you to La Vita Antonia Venturing...

This stairway beckons...La Vita Antonia's Venetian adventure has begun
Gondola or Water Taxi?             Venice, Grand Canal
Come Aboard La Vita Antonia's private launch!                                 Grand Canal Venice
Venice Cafe Society,        Grand Canal Venice

The Sun is high and the air has warmed.  It's mid day in Venice.  A short journey and you alight.  Laughing voices welcome and the scent of basil, bubbly cheese and garlic linger here.  A Venetian Cafe beckons.  Sit, eat and gaze at Italian antiquity. 

Venice has waited for you. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

La Vita Antonia invites you to continue Our Venetian Travel Odyssey

Venetian Rio Romance
Venetian  Rio of  Dreams

You have slipped out

of the steamy Venetian 
Prosecco in hand.
 The air is cool.

You can see your breath this November evening.  

The inky water of the rio 

 you stand before

laps close to your feet.